Abstract 2020 - YIA Session

S.No. Paper No. Presenting Author Corresponding Author City Affiliation Title of Paper Track ID
7 ISG20_YI_61_Sahabram_Dewala Sahabram Dewala Yogesh Shouche National Centre for Cell Science Pune Isolation and genome analysis of gluten-degrading bacteria from small intestinal of Celiac disease patients ISG20_2020_ABS_E3950
8 ISG20_YI_69_Bharti_Garg Bharti Garg ANOOP SARAYA All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi HSP70 modulates immune response in pancreatic cancer through dendritic cells. ISG20_2020_ABS_R4703
9 ISG20_YI_62_Bhat_Adil Adil Bhat Shiv Kumar Sarin Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences New Delhi Platelet deactivation ameliorates hepatic fibrosis by modulating inflammation intrahepatic microbiome and reduces hepatic stellate cell activation via ryanodine-receptor-2ISG20_2020_ABS_W5204
10 ISG20_YI_43_Anuraag_Jena Anuraag Jena Usha Dutta PGIMER Chandigarh Fluconazole reduces disease activity in active Ulcerative Colitis: A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial ISG20_2020_ABS_I4536
11 ISG20_YI_26_Vincy_Chandran Vincy Chandran Zaheer Nabi Asian Institute of Gastroenterology Hyderabad Conventional Versus Oblique Fibers Sparing Endoscopic Myotomy for Achalasia Cardia: A randomized controlled trialISG20_2020_ABS_I9181
12 ISG20_YI_01_Vishal_Sharma Shubhra Mishra Vishal Sharma PGIMER Chandigarh Combination of intravenous antibiotics in acute severe ulcerative colitis: A placebo controlled randomized trial ISG20_2020_ABS_P9182