Abstract_TrackIDAbstract noAbstract Title Presenting Author
ISG21_2021_ABS_U4241 1 Soluble Factors and Suppressive Monocytes can Predict Early the Development of Sepsis in Acute-on-Chronic Liver failure Pushpa Yadav
ISG21_2021_ABS_E7826 2 Impact of Transmural Plastic Stent on Recurrence of Pancreatic Fluid Collection after Metal Stent Removal in Walled Off Necrosis with Disconnected Pancreatic Duct: A Randomized controlled trial Radhika Chavan
ISG21_2021_ABS_P6484 3 Integrated bile lipidome and meta-proteome analysis classifies lipid species and microbial peptides predictive of Carcinoma of Gall bladder. Nupur Sharma
ISG21_2021_ABS_P7243 4 Mycobial (fungal) dysbiosis within walled off necrosis in patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis. Ila Srnivas
ISG21_2021_ABS_G1681 5 Luminal and Mucosal gut Microbial and Metabolomic profiles of patients with ulcerative colitis in response to FMT Manasvini Markandey
ISG21_2021_ABS_M3057 6 Genomic variations in ATP7B gene in Indian patients with Wilson disease Snehal Mallakmir

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